Kismet’s Beautiful Blossoms

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Do you believe in ‘kismet’? Do you believe that there is a greater reason for every coincidence? Do you believe that people enter and leave our lives at an ideal time because ‘it is meant to be’? I think I do.


I used to walk to the badminton court every evening during my high school days. And I would see her on my way, watering the plants in her front yard. I would greet her with a “Namaste” and she would do the same with a charming smile. The greetings soon became a ritual that the strangers followed.

I did not know her well personally. We bumped into each other at social events a couple of times where “Namaste” got suffixed with “How are you?”  Next day, we went back to the monosyllable yet pleasant greeting exchange again.  I knew what her name was, that she had two kids, that she loved her plants and flowers and that she would be there watering her those flowers when I walk by in the evening.

One winter night, when I greeted her, she greeted me back with her adorable smile but there was something amiss. Her eyes were red and swollen; her demeanor lethargic yet tense. But she smiled with all her heart and her voice did not quiver on the “Namaste”. I presumed she had fever and I kept walking.

Next day, a common friend revealed that those eyes were red because she had cried over the news of her hospitalized brother. Her brother had suffered critical injuries in an accident and the doctors had little hope left. She flew to her hometown the same day.

For the next few days, I walked past an empty yard. My family moved to a new town soon after and I haven’t seen her since.

But I still remember her smile and strength behind it. Her calm and resilience during storm linger in my mind like the scent of the flowers in her garden.

I witnessed a silent sermon in form of her smile that day, right before my ‘life’ began to happen. Now the bigger challenge for me in all challenges is to achieve the smile and resolute voice like hers. I have failed the sermon time and again, but the sermon has never failed me.

Her smile remains frozen in my mind because it never had a chance to thaw. I do not know if I would have idolized her today like I do had I seen a more ‘human’ side of her later. I do not know if her smile gave her the attitude or the attitude gave her the smile. I never had the chance to ask her. I had to figure that out on my own.

Reality or mirage, I cherish the image of her red eyes and bright smile. She entered and left my life at an ideal time to leave me with a pearl.

I believe that there is a greater reason for every coincidence. I think I believe in kismet. Do you?


About sayali611

Spent a lifetime building a wall around myself, only to realize that what remained inside was as hideous as anything I would protect myself from. This blog is my attempt to break free, one brick at a time, and to make sense of what was blocked out.

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  1. I don’t think I do believe in kismet. After I read you article I sat back and thought over my life. I think I believe we are the controllers of our own destiny. We may use memories as we go through life, memories of significant events or people we find significant to our life’s path, but no, I don’t think I believe in kismet.

    Even so, this is a lovely memory and you have used to well.

    • This memory was beautifully written but I’m with you. I don’t believe in kismet or fate or destiny. I don’t believe a pre-determined set of events rules the course of my life. The way I see it, when we are controllers our own lives, we are decision makers. Granted we cannot control everything and not everything is a reslut of decions we made or well laid plans. I do believe karma is in operation. More to the point, I believe that when don’t have enough confidence in our abilities, wishful thinking and hoping we will experience favourable results can immobilize us. And, when we are immobilzed, we are inclined to resort to thinking what happens in our lives can be attributed to fate.

      • Kismet does not take the power out of your hands, it is very much guided by karma. Yes, a lot of people who experience something bad blame it on fate. But a lot of people who owe their success and happiness to kismet, they do get me thinking.
        Thanks for the compliments 🙂

  2. Beautiful story. Read over it though, there’s a few typos. And something I learned in my writer’s critique group, try not to use the same term one right after the other. For instance, you use evening twice in a row. Maybe replace it with “night” just so it flows a little better. But anyhow, you’re a great story teller =)). I believe in providence. I don’t know what her faith was, but there’s a verse in the Bible that says, “Be anxious for nothing, but in all things, through supplication and prayer, make your requests known to God, and the peace of God, that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ.” This story reminded me of that verse. I’ve been blessed to witness those words in the lives of other Christians and even in my own life. I pray that someday you can have that same peace, even in the midst of your storms.

    • Thanks for your wishes. And for the tips as well. Made a few corrections and mental notes for future use 🙂
      I am not sure myself what her faith was. Whichever God she believed in must have been mighty impressed that day for sure.

  3. This post is both realistic and romantic (by than I mean the original meaning of the word). I like that.
    I’m not sure whether you sould say I believe in kismet or not. I see God as a writer, but not everthing he writes has a true meaning. Sometimes he writes something that is supposed to look meaningless because he’s an existentialist bastard.

    I waited near someone’s house for hours, knowing she want come out, just because I couldn’t bear being somewhere else. As a result, a series of “coincidental” occurrences took place and I happened to sleep over that night at a common friend’s, and he told me something I’m happy I now know. I don’t really think it was coincidental, I think it just seemed interesting to God.

    • First of all, I hope those “coincidences” continue and you hear a lot more that makes you happy 🙂
      Second, “existentialist bastard” lol. Now that you have said it, so true! That one is itched in my memory forever.
      Third, I can’t tell you how glad I am that some people still use that word (romantic) in its original sense. Just for the third, I’m putting you in my good books forever 🙂

      • First – thanks, I hope so too ^^
        Second – yup, I love looking at God this way XP
        Third – I really like the original meaning of the word. So much better than the ‘new’ one.

  4. Beautiful post! Very concise and full of meaning. Can you explain what exactly Kismet is? Is it like Karma?

  5. Hi sayali611

    Liked your post. and for the question, yes i do believe in ‘kismat’

    After all, ‘kismat’ answers a lot of our queries and it gives us hope.

    When we had to get into college, we studied so hard, did our best, all to get into the best college. Yet, it is not entirely in our hands where we end up. We can only try our best. and we should stop doing that. 🙂

    I also believe in ‘All happens for good’ as my mom has always told me that. 🙂

    Try and find some time to read my blog as well. I tend to write on varied topics. Maybe you’ll like reading some of them.


    • Thanks a lot. I love the line “kismet gives us hope”. Most of the people who do not believe in kismet usually ignore this fact. I’m going to live by this exam season with the “jo hota hai achhe ke liye hota hai” too. Gives us hope doesn’t it.
      PS – I’m working hectic hours these days. Please forgive me if I take my own time to come visit your page. But I will for sure.
      Thanks for stopping by.

      • HI Sayali!
        It’s ok! I can understand the stress which the exam days bring with them. I just got over my college. 😛
        All the best to you!
        btw, by exams, i can’t stop myself from suggesting you to have a look at this – . It’s a super small comic strip on exams and studies. Have a look. I’m sure it will make you smile 🙂

  6. If you had asked me a couple of weeks ago I would have said ‘no, we control our own destiny’, and I do think so partially still. However I also believe there’s something other than that playing part in what happens in life. I used to say: “there is no such thing as bad luck, only bad planning.” Past events have kind of proven me wrong, and I think what happened to me was for a reason I’m still waiting to discover. Not sure I’m making any sense, but that’s what I think. Really liked the post, it was written with such nice sentiment, and I can really relate to that one memory which has influenced me such as this has you.

    • As much as we ignore it and think ourselves to be mighty, there are times when we have little or no control over things. But it isn’t all that bad, because there always is light at the end of the tunnel. I hope you find that light and your reasons soon.
      PS – I have a page called ‘Backstage pass’ where people tell about their profound memories and I would love to hear yours too 🙂 Won’t you comment there for us?

  7. Hmmm… destiny is a fact of life. But now and then you do fall for the illusion that you are in control.

    Do you know the story of Vishnu & Narada, when Narada asks Vishnu to explain “Maya” and Vishnu, instead of lecturing, gives a practical demonstration?

  8. I completely believe in Kismet… as soon as i saw the name of your post, I had to read it! To me, i know that I’m on a path…I’m not sure where the path may lead, however I love the life that has been chosen for me and could only hope that I am a life-force that deserves such a beautiful life.


  9. midaevalmaiden

    I loved the way you told this story, and your perceptions thereof. It is so interesting about life, that we can never tell in what ways we might be influencing someone.

    I certainly do beleive in kismet. But the relationships I build with my life will also play a part. Its like kismat has laid out the perfect path for my feet. But It is entirly up to me whether I follow it. And a challenge to recognize the signposts for that perfect path all the time.

    But then there are those moments that seem to stand out forever, like your smiling flower girl. Its times like that, that are an instrument of fate, and help to shape our very foundation.

    • Thank you. I find myself waiting for your comments after the posts these days because you have the most insightful things to say 🙂
      It is a challenge indeed, because the signposts are so subtle. I also believe that we have the power to chose our fate in many ways. But the way fate works when we are not even looking, that has made me respect it a lot.

      • midaevalmaiden

        Its easy to leave an insightful comment because the posts themselves are so insightful. But youve made my day happy, thank you!

  10. Can’t say I am a believer, I feel we decide our fate for ourselves. I still loved the post, simple yet subtle 🙂

  11. Defintiely! Beautiful post.

  12. Hi Sayali – Your post reminded me about the time when I was thinking about this topic myself a few years back when I started my journey to understand what I have done with my life and how my decisions are going to shape my life going forward. I have to give you full credit of writing this up very well.

    Not judging you, but only to share on how I stand on this topic – I want to say that I feel different especially around Luck, Destiny vs. Karma. The reason, are:
    – If you read my post here (; I talk about how I feel about Destiny (Luck is similar to Destiny as we dont control any of those)
    – here is another post ( where I talk about the importance and the implications of Decisions we make. We have to live our life with the outcomes of the decisions we make
    – Another post ( where I echo the impact of our actions on our life going forward
    – And a last one (

  13. Definitely believe that which you stated. Your favorite reason seemed to be on the web the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get irked while people consider worries that they plainly do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

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