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Think of your favorite food that you wouldn’t share with anyone. Now think of those people in your life to whom you shout a blunt “No” at any food-sharing proposal and yet they dig their spoon right in. And you knew they would. You roll your eyes at their quirky eating habits. And you still can’t help smiling.  In spite of the food stealing and quirks, there are few people who would make eating so enjoyable.  There are few people who touch your life like a friend does.

It is friendship’s day next Sunday. And I miss my food-stealers terribly.


“Do you like him?” she asked about a new friend of mine.

“No. We are just friends”, I replied while I kept munching on the aloo-chaat.

“So you don’t like him? At all?”

“Only as a friend. So does he. So relax. I’m not hiding anything from you ok”, I tried to put an end to the conversation.

“ Just ask him out. Make him your boyfriend, alright!” she almost yelled.

“What?! Are you mad?” I dropped the spoon at stared at her.

“No! But if you keep telling him someone new is also your ‘very good friend’, it would make me jealous wouldn’t it?”

I burst into uncontrollable laughter while she kept kicking me for being so rude. But then I stopped. After all I knew it was true.

My best friends live in different places now. It has been a while since I have seen a lot of them. Each one is busy in their own new world. Hang-outs were replaced by phone calls. Phone calls then became limited to birthdays and festivals. The love didn’t go anywhere. But other things came into picture too.

Now when I hear my friends picking up new accents and words, I wish I had some other word for it but I feel – jealous. Their world seems drifting away from mine. Each time I cannot call them for a long time, I feel jealous. My world seems drifting away from theirs. When I look at their fun pictures on facebook, I feel jealous. To not be part of their everyday lives is something I still find hard to believe. And out-of-sight becoming out-of-mind is a worse dread.

But these feelings are easy to suppress. Because I know, no matter how long it has been the conversation will still start with calling each other names. No matter how many more friends come into the picture, their place in my life is just theirs to rule. Even if I don’t get to see them often, whenever I do, we would still know what the other is craving to eat.

“No. I won’t date that guy. But I would tell him that you are my best friend. All with patent, copyright and stuff. Okay?” I said as we both laughed again while we shared our aloo-chaat. I meant it. Old friends are amazing, aren’t they?

All those who have ever stolen, shared or craved for food with me, this blog post is dedicated to you.


About sayali611

Spent a lifetime building a wall around myself, only to realize that what remained inside was as hideous as anything I would protect myself from. This blog is my attempt to break free, one brick at a time, and to make sense of what was blocked out.

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  1. A sweet and cute post. Reminds me of my friends 🙂

  2. This blog post is for me. As an adult I love sharing food, but as a kid growing up with four other kids we NEVER shared the ice cream. In fact my brother developed a neat trick with his ice cream bars because I was well known for saying “can I have a bite” even though I had one of my own. So, my brother took to licking his ice cream bar all over when he saw me approaching. My other siblings developed this habit not only with ice cream, but with candy, chips, chocolate, cakes, cotton candy (pretty much everything I loved). Enough of me now your turn:

    I LOVE this line “The love didn’t go anywhere.” because it’s a beautiful line. I also love this line: “But other things came into picture too.” because it’s true and it has happened to me. You structured the past and your current feelings very effectively and it delivered a powerful emotive effect in this piece. Well done 🙂

    • Ohh you have a cruel siblings lol. I am suddenly in love with my brother again, he would allow sharing of equal and measured bites! Your siblings took the sibling-war to a whole new level of genius! Nice trick, I must say. Should try it sometimes 😉
      I guess when things come out straight from the heart, they are bound to be emotional. I really miss my friends right now. Glad you like it. Love to you, LFR.

  3. 🙂 Phases is how I call it. As we move from one phase to other, you take the best of your friends along. No matter what, you still keep in touch with them in the next immediate phase of your life. And then as you move on to the next, you filter out further from the group that you have. Its sad, but unfortunately, over the years, I’ve seen that quite a lot, with me and a lot of people around me as well.

    And then one day, you look back. You look back at what all changed. How things have completely transformed from where you started. And you start looking for those old friends whom you left behind in one of your phases.

    • That is what I’m experiencing I guess. Although I hate the thought of filtering. It is unavoidable, but I wish to believe that they would always be there whenever I need them. I guess part of it is because I’m a people’s person.
      I still find myself looking back and wondering at the changes, so yes, the phases have begun. But I will take them all with me to the next phase too. If they are precious to me, its my job to let them know, isn’t it?

  4. Just fell in love with your post here…Its awesome, I can related so much to it. Yea its true new friends can never replace old friends and its sad that there were days when we met everyday and now things have changed….Thanks for sharing bought memories back of friends and also of aloo chat

    • New friends have their own charm. But old friends bring a smile that nobody else can. But friends are one thing, why does aloo-chaat need reminding? You should go have one soon lol.
      Glad you like it. Thanks for stopping by and subscribing.

  5. I have had these moments for quite some time now, everytime I get settled into a place and make good friends ’tis time to move again. 😦

  6. You struck a chord with this post. I’ve reconnected with some old friends this year that I hadn’t seen in too many years. The conversations picked up like we had seen each other a week before. Old friends have special ties for us. Thanks!

  7. Food is a big part of our lives, isn’t it?
    Great topic to explore!

  8. I remember with limited pocket money “well planned saved” the samosas we used to share.. Nah actually snatch across.. I learned from them n we just loved it.. N over a period of time get different sort of friends.. But yes what u very well mentioned ” The love didn’t go anywhere” n it never would.. Ever.. One phone call 2 gaalis n u r connected back again like there was never a disconnect.. Lovely piece Sayali 🙂 N a happy friendship day 🙂

    • Oh samosas! A close second to aloo-chaat. And planned savings made it even more delicious.
      Thanks. N happy friendship day to you too 🙂 Hope you have fun today.

  9. Yea i know….for sure….I’m one of those few people to whom this article refers to 😉
    And I but of course remember the incident too!!! hehehehe
    “The love didn’t go anywhere, but other things came into picture”
    Oh Big God!! Where on earth did u get this phrase from???
    Ya ya i know…straight from your heart..
    It’s just too senti, I can’t say anything else,
    All of a sudden I’ have started missing u even more 😐

  10. its a good kind of jealous. We all long for those kinds of friends. You are blessed.

  11. midaevalmaiden

    I hope your friends are as dedicated as you and that they too will hold onto that spark. But even if they don’t. they are always in a special place in your heart forever. A place that won’t forget, Though the phases come and go. 🙂

  12. friendship day to thik hai….1 bar mil tu mujhko….tere first salary gift me teri 1 month salary puri jane wali hai beta…..jitna late karegi utna interest aur badhte jayega…….. 😛

  13. I recently had a similiar conversation with my daughter. We were discussing how people come and go in our lives but true friendship knows no distance. In other words, time can pass between meetings but when we find outselves together again, even if briefly, it is as if we were never apart.

    True friendship is a rare gift and it sounds as if you have been blessed with many gifts!

  14. People come and go thoughout your life but there are only a few your heart gives its key to and however much time or miles there are between you, its always safe within the circle that holds their house key x

  15. Miss you! Where have you been my friend. I pray that your accident has not caused you pain.

    • Hi Shonnie. I’m all okay. Just caught up with work. Should have put up a blog post after the accident one. Shouldn’t have left you all worrying. Silly me. Thanks for checking up on me 🙂 Got a lot on your blog to catch up on.

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