Monthly Archives: August 2011


Firstly, I would like to apologize for my long absence from the blog world. I had a few concerned messages. A blog post about an accident is not a good way to leave things. With blogging comes responsibility, that I hadn’t thought about earlier. I am all good, just got caught up in work. And one more thought kept me busy. Let me tell you all about it…


We were about to head for a meeting in a minute. “Copy these pages for me, please”, I said to the new trainee at work. “I don’t know how to use a copier” she replied. I sighed. One more addition in the list of things she “did not know”. I explained how to use the copier, just like the million things that I explain to her everyday.

The new trainee is famous in the office for all the wrong reasons. She was hired because of her ‘contacts’. She has no prior experience or skills. Nor the zeal to cultivate any. And she supplements her lack of skill and will with her incredible ability to answer any ten subsequent questions with “I don’t know”. Read the rest of this entry


Rise and fall of the tiny speck

I tried blinking again. I could see the sky and the trees – I was conscious. My head still hurt in spite of the helmet and I felt bit dizzy. I could hardly move. But being conscious was a relief.

I was riding my scooter merrily a minute ago. Oil spill on the road, a sharp turn and suddenly-turned-disobedient brakes sent me and my scooty dragging and sweeping across the road for a few meters. For those few seconds, I tried as much as I could. Nothing worked. I barely had a sense of what had happened, leave alone trying to mitigate the fall. I and my scooter did a deadly tango, scratching and spinning our way across the road waiting desperately for the music to end. My head hit the road when the incomprehensible motion ended, my left foot squashed below my scooty and I lay there sprawled on the road. I blinked again, unsure of how hurt I was, staring at the bright blue sky.

The minute I took relief in being conscious, I saw a car coming to a grinding halt just a couple of feet from me. A few second’s delay and they would have found me smashed like a ripe watermelon underneath that car. I missed more than a couple heartbeats then and there. Read the rest of this entry