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Yeah baby, I’ll show u versatile! (Part-1)

I haven’t been posting anything lately. Frankly I was very low on motivation. Its month end, I’m low on cash and its not like this bloody blogs pays anything.
Right then, bam! I have recieved two awards in a week. Now that is all the motivation you ever need to get back to writing again. I used to look at those award badges on other’s sites with the most green eyed envy possible. So big thanks to my mates Alan and Sami for giving me the awards.
There is a one little thing though. The awards are called ‘The Versatile Award’. I took a look at all the posts in my blog. Nope, nothing versatile about them. Same style all over them. Erudite, deep thinking, thoughtful posts that people twice my age call ‘wise’ (No, I’m not a nerd). I almost feel guilty claiming the award.
So just to show that these wise gents were right in their decision, we are going ‘Off the mainstream‘ (Alan’s blog) to write something unusual in this post. ‘The embarrassment‘ (Sami’s blog) for me is bound to follow…
As per the rules, I have to give out 7 things about myself.
Here! Seven things you did not know about me –
1. I blog because I think this will be a good practice for the best seller novel that I will write one day. Right now I don’t even have a clue as to what it is going to be. But there is going to be a handsome casanova, a murder  and an awesome new technology  involved.
2. I am not regular at blogging or commenting because I’m juggling my work and studies. I am preparing for a dreaded exam for my higher studies and I can’t be more scared. A particular college has been the center of my thoughts for too long now. Time to make it mine. (No, I’m not a nerd)
3. I think I am on a singlehood inertia. And according to Newton’s law, we would need a fantabulously charming stud to change that. (Yeah, I said ‘intertia’ and ‘Newton’. But no, I’m not a nerd)
4. The inertia factor works for other parts of my life too I guess. Disturb me when I’m working and be ready to look at the deadliest sneer ever. Expect the same sneer if you try to pull me down from the dance floor during a party. (Okay I said ‘intertia’ twice. So?)
5. One regret – I’m not a trained/certified dancer. But I do have some years in my life to change that. Or we can always forge a certificate and dance our way around eh?
6. There are days when I wish I was back working in the laboratory (I am an engineer by qualification)(Ok that is lil nerdy..but..)..But then an advertising/events agency, where I work now, is just too much of a drug. Hard to count the number of celebs I have met in just past six months..Not to mention the awesome work, fun and parties..Life is good
7. The love of my life is – chicken. Cook it in any way – style, spices and quantity no bar. A plate of chicken in front of me, and I’m in heaven. (Such un-nerdy behaviour if you ask me)
Okay, done. Damn, I’m versatile! (Shh..let me live with it ok)
But a tough part is still remaining. I have to give this award away to 15 bloggers too. So over here you add a thrilling, chilling background music of your choice, hold your breath and await the second part of this post. Tick-tok-tick-tok.

Love Unlimited

Numerous people walk into our lives everyday. Some stay, some walk away. There is one person who didn’t get a time to stay for a long time in my life. We barely knew each other for a year. That person now lives in another corner of the world, we haven’t seen each other in ages and only catch up once in a while. But that person still continues to be a source of amazing love and strength.


We sat quietly inside the class, pretending to be all innocent, when we were just waiting for the bomb in the boy’s toilet to blow off and the sound to resonate around the whole school. Bomb was one our new favourite pranks, cockroaches in the purse, bicycle-dominoes were all passe. At 14, me and my gang would have done anything for cheap thrills.

We had placed the bomb in the boy’s toilet with utmost caution. But what we didn’t take into account was that the toilets would still be visited by those in urgent need for its use. We were caught and summoned into the senior teachers cabin the next day, only to be told that had the bomb gone off a little sooner, a junior kid would have hurt himself.  Read the rest of this entry