Love Unlimited

Numerous people walk into our lives everyday. Some stay, some walk away. There is one person who didn’t get a time to stay for a long time in my life. We barely knew each other for a year. That person now lives in another corner of the world, we haven’t seen each other in ages and only catch up once in a while. But that person still continues to be a source of amazing love and strength.


We sat quietly inside the class, pretending to be all innocent, when we were just waiting for the bomb in the boy’s toilet to blow off and the sound to resonate around the whole school. Bomb was one our new favourite pranks, cockroaches in the purse, bicycle-dominoes were all passe. At 14, me and my gang would have done anything for cheap thrills.

We had placed the bomb in the boy’s toilet with utmost caution. But what we didn’t take into account was that the toilets would still be visited by those in urgent need for its use. We were caught and summoned into the senior teachers cabin the next day, only to be told that had the bomb gone off a little sooner, a junior kid would have hurt himself. 

 “Why do you behave like this? You are all such good students, good in sports, studies and all. This is your last warning…”, the senior teacher was livid. We gave each other the look. Had things ended over there, she would have been the next target of our prank.

Just then our favourite teacher interrupted, “You all are cute with your pranks. How do you even come up with all those pranks? But you know, if you hurt people with those pranks, who would appreciate the fun side of it. Be naughty, but don’t be a trouble to anyone. You wouldn’t have wanted the kid to get hurt. You would be nice from now on, wouldn’t you?” It was probably the way she said it, or the way she always treated us so nice, but we never pulled the bomb, cockroach or the bicycle-domino prank ever again.

Chaitali, my favourite teacher till date, was probably my favourite for more than one reasons. She was young and vibrant, always pushing herself and others to the limit to get things done. She had a charm and a presence. And she thought I had all that too. Saving me from the wrath of senior teachers, patting my back or just being generous with the love and attention, there was no reason I wouldn’t adore her back with equal zeal.

At times, her love for some of us seemed visibly biased. She would give us more personal attention during the classes, we were her first choice for any assignment. Other students were obviously not pleased. We were, it is great to be at the receiving end of partiality. Sometimes we wondered why she loved us so. But we didn’t spend much time thinking, and loved her back like she did. For us, she was like a part of the gang. We loved her, respected her and still carry a lot of her with us everyday. 

Our mutual admiration society was soon to be dissolved when she was to move after her marriage the very next year. I dragged my mother to take me to the other end of the town in heavy rains to attend her wedding reception. She was a sight in her bridal outfit. She pulled her husband aside from a conversation to introduce him to me, “She is Sayali. She is my favourite student. Very naughty. But very talented…” I had the biggest smile on my face. I was going to miss her a lot…


All these years down the line, the prankster has faded away. She now lives a whole new life in London with her family. All things have changed. Except a few. 

I found her on Facebook after all these years. I logged in to find her comments on my photos, “My beautiful girl. You haven’t changed at all in all these years. I am very proud of you. Love to my favourite student <3” I had the big smile on my face again. After all these years, she still made me feel as special as she did back then. I miss her…


About sayali611

Spent a lifetime building a wall around myself, only to realize that what remained inside was as hideous as anything I would protect myself from. This blog is my attempt to break free, one brick at a time, and to make sense of what was blocked out.

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  1. I really liked what you wrote…. it’s one of the very few that makes me quite nostalgic… 🙂

  2. takes me back to the things i did at school and makes me wonder how i had the guts to do such things and how on earth i got away with it!

  3. This is really lovely. Although you must have been a terror in your younger days. The worst I ever did at boarding school was crawl through the ceiling to raid the kitchen!

    • Nah, this is the worst we had done. We were one of those kids whose halo rested on their devil-horns, best of both. Hmm, raiding a kitchen? Well, at least that makes some sense. You were all halo weren’t you? lol

  4. Yes, some people have that knack. They touch you oh-so-subtly, but it ends up making a lasting impression on you.

  5. I also stumbled across a former teacher, whose life I made somewhat difficult many years ago. Had a chance to apologize and gain some insights. As always you’ve managed to strike a chord with your fans.

  6. One of the best things about being a teacher is knowing that I made an impression on at least a few students. This post is delightful. It reminds me how special a student/teacher bond can be, even years after.

    I hope your teacher follows your blog and reads this!

    • I have had many wonderful teachers over the year. But some just make a home inside the heart don’t they.
      Not a lot of people from the ‘real world’ know about this blog of mine. Its a secret between me and my reader friends. But you have given me an idea now. Might share this post with my teacher. Thanks Lorna 🙂

  7. In sixth grade my friends and I used to flip our eye lips hoping to freak out the teacher. I guess he’d seen it all when he told us to flip em back or stay in during recess.

    My favorite teacher was Mr. F my English teacher during my senior year of high school I had a big crush on him because I thought he was the smartest man I’d ever met. I was suspended for fighting and when I returned everybody was calling me Rocky. I found out he gave that moniker. Your post has ignited memories I haven’t thought about in a very long time … thank you for that.

  8. That’s a beautiful story

  9. Thats a lovely story, and it was amaing to read how she could direct you without being heavy handed. That you should have fund her after all this time is lovely.

  10. nostalgic post!
    aha quite like the pranks 🙂

    first time to your blog. came through indiblogger. the title of your post caught my eye. m glad to have come by your blog

  11. and how sweet that comment was…loved it..awesome 🙂

  12. wow who knew you had this streak of destruction inside you….the more I learn, the more I love…


  13. It’s always great to hear of the positive aspects of Facebook. I’m glad you’ve reconnected with a treasured part of your past.

    • It can be a lot more than farmville and random pokes. Just gotta sit up and look. I was too glad to have found her again too. For some reason, people from your past bring a sense of peace like no other.

  14. I really like how your teachers and students could be so supportive of each other that you would be able to go to her wedding. Nothing like that in america would ever happen. Your story had a happy ending that made me smile. Its good to find old friends that touched our lives.

    • I don’t know if this is a regular thing over here too. I was never as close with any other teacher of mine. There are people who touch your heart and the label of the relationship becomes irrelevant. I guess I’m just lucky 🙂

  15. I deeply enjoyed the sense of positive nostalgia you’ve conveyed in this tale. That’s a hard thing to do without over-sentimentality. You write honestly, but it still entertains by revealing slowly. I admire your style, Sayali.

  16. 🙂 Isn’t it amazing how technology brings the world closer? Just when you start to feel you are oceans apart, technology gets you to being just a second away!

    On a lighter note.. gosh! I never knew girls could play such “horrible” pranks too 🙂

    • Haha! well I guess I have been a feminist long before I even knew the word..Technology, oh yes, no arguments there. Not as good as meeting people in person probably, but its the next best thing.

  17. Wow! I had a few teachers who were probably also friends…but we didn’t really get to THIS level. But I miss them, too. :L

  18. Great post! Really appreciate your words and you keep the tention on! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Liked it very much…. Took me back to my Hostel days..Just the difference is that we had no one to guard us..
    Found you on Indiblogger..the title caught my eye, Nice work carry on.

  20. 🙂
    When I was eight I had an old lady as my teacher. Some years ago after having an accident that turned my life up side sown I recalled a time she invited us home for cookies. I still have the recipe. I recalled where she lived and looked her name up in the digital phone book her e in Sweden. She still lived at the same address.
    I remembered her with love in my heart and gave her a call. I told her my name and would you believe it but she remembered me, some 30 years later. She even asked me how my two best friends from then were doing. She was eighty years old by then. Her remembering me just filled my heart with joy and brought tears to my eyes when she told me I was one of her favorite pupils. Something I would have never guessed since I could never keep my mouth shut and never remembered to raise my hand in class. Even my mother was surprised when I said i had called her and told me that she thought that Märta did not like me.
    I think subconsciously that she was the one that planted the seed of becoming a teacher in me.
    Thank you for bringing this memory back once again.

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