My first try at a comic. Couldn’t figure out how to enlarge it. So why don’t you be a good friend and click on the image 🙂


About sayali611

Spent a lifetime building a wall around myself, only to realize that what remained inside was as hideous as anything I would protect myself from. This blog is my attempt to break free, one brick at a time, and to make sense of what was blocked out.

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  1. OH-FISS.. LOL
    I loved how the characters were shaped, especially the boss.

  2. Great job! And this was your first attempt? Impressive!

    I saw your interview over at Laff’s site. Well done. 🙂

    • Glad you like it. Yup this is the very first. I even named the file ‘pathetic comic’ cause that is how I thought it would turn up.
      Had fun with the interview. Lafemme rocks.

  3. lmao! Great humor and so true when your employer refuses to use your talents. Nice job 🙂

  4. That is hilarious. Well done


  5. Great job! I think someone may be having some issues at work?? This is blog therapy!

  6. He he he – very cute indeed!

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  8. Good One, good beginning. Very typical Boss and impressive conversion to image, keep doing this. I have no hesitation in saying the prospects of improvement i can see there, it was just a beginning

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