Backstage Pass

No, I don’t think of myself as a rockstar. More on the lines of ‘all the world’s a stage’.

I would like to keep this separate page to mingle with you all.  So, hold your arm out for a warm handshake..

Recently, I reached a milestone of 1000+ site views, 70+ comments and 40+ subscribers for my first 5 posts. About time I added these details for the wonderful people here. It is a pleasure to be read and liked by you.

“So, who are you?

Sayali, aged 22. I work for Event Management firm, B.Tech by qualification and a part time freelance journalist. Have worked as a news presenter for a local channel, tutored kids and worked in a laboratory briefly if you want to count.

I’m a regular person of simple taste; hardly desire anything beyond sundae and pay-day.

 “Why this blog?”

A friend once asked me if a memory that had ever touched my heart to stay there forever. And I narrated the incident I wrote in my first blog post to her.

And it got me thinking – even if it has only been 22 years, even if I have a rather regular existence, there are many encounters of varied kinds that deserve to be marked as unforgettable meaningful memories. No matter how many biographies we read or successful people we idolize, the people whose path crosses ours will always have more profound effect on us. This thought gave birth to ‘Finding 42’.

Love to have your here,



P.S. – Before you go, why don’t you leave a comment about your most profound encounter? Would love to know how your hearts were touched…

  1. I don’t want to provide details for reasons that will become obvious. When I was young I was in a situation where I could act and save a life or run away. I acted and a life was saved. That touched me profoundly as there are many stories we hear and read about where people walk right by others who are suffering and who obviously need help. I do not share this with any sense of pride. My gift received from that situation was humility and not an inflated ego. I experienced recognition of how precious life is and how quickly it can be gone.

  2. *soft smile* My heart was touched when I met a tall, dark, handsome man in a nightclub…… the rest is history………….. 😀

    • It sure is history. Love is one of the most deep experiences. And yours brought along along such adventures (now that it is over, we can call it adventure right?)
      I love your story. I’m one of the people waiting eagerly for the book. So I can proudly do the “I know her! I used to read the blog” gloating..

  3. My heart was blown up like a balloon when I first set eyes on my daughter. Although I had 2 sons, nothing was like having a daughter. She has been the apple of my eye for 26 years now. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her. When I recently gave her away to her husband, I felt like I lost my right arm and both legs, but when I saw the happiness in her eyes, I could go through with it. As long as he treats her good, he’s allowed to live. Ha!

    • “I felt like I lost my right arm and both legs”, that is what my father felt when I went to the college-hostel too, though he never said that. But we daughters know what you fathers are thinking.
      The first look at your daughter, very touching indeed. That is one memory that changes you forever doesn’t it.
      Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding 🙂

  4. I thought about what might be my most profound moment while I brushed my teeth. I racked my brain until it was time to gargle and spit and I realized I didn’t have one. Was it the moment I realized that the guy I was dating might actually propose? Was it when my youngest of three was afraid to visit my husband in the hospital after he came back from Iraq? Or was it when I found myself not regretting anything I have ever done in life despite the hurt I’ve caused or the hurt I’ve felt?

    Then I realized that it was all of those things and none of those things. I am constantly amazed by life and connections we have to one another in general. How a complete stranger can feel like family after a few moments. I feel like I’m a big life-cheater when I say I have profound moments when I can connect with another human being just by a simple hello, a sincere smile, or an engaging conversation. But I hope I never stop feeling these profound moments; it would be a sad day if I did.

    • Firstly, I have to thank you for this response. This is one of the most beautifully worded comment I have received. And it is really touching that you took time to think about the reply here. I wish I could give you a big hug right away!

      Yes, you are right. No one moment can ever overshadow everything else. And it certainly would be sad if we stopped looking for them. I have a similar belief too. And that is why I have a whole blog dedicated to it 🙂 One big experience after the other, each one as deep and touching as the other.

    • Your second paragraph totally touches my heart. I seriously don’t know if this is my weakness or strength but I’m a little more emotional and sentimental than other beings around me and with the same mindset I read your comment and the first thing that popped into my mind was “Few words but conveys a lot of things”. Quite impressed 🙂

  5. Well I met many people in my life so far. But it seems like the most profound and fateful ‘meeting’ was when I stumbled into this chatroom and started to talk to a guy that named himself Zodia-Mocking-Bird. I never thought I would fall in love online, but I did. And he’s coming to visit me in 27 days!

  6. My most profound moment was when I realized that I was grown-up. Where did the time do. I’ve learned not to rush life, take it one day at a time.
    Great blog you have!

  7. hey, I like your blog, could you email me when you get a chance

  8. Hey there! I found you through the Crazy Chicks Club! I don’t know if I’ve had one defining moment… I’ve had many. I could maybe narrow it down to 10?!? You may have just inspired a blog post for me… I like your blog, and just subscribed! Thanks ~Pam

  9. Well like all other people my heart was touched too, but it was because of too many reason and several time :-). I started blogging because i thought its a good habit.

    I finished my B Tech and when I was leaving one of my friend at the railway station, I almost cried and it did not show on my face but my heart was crying, just because we had promised a happy ending of our B Tech life, we did not cry.

    • That is very touching indeed. I remember my last few days in college, yup they are some heavy moments. We had no such pact so we cried on each other’s shoulders. Those are times you can never forget.

  10. I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

  11. Most Profound Encounter… Hmm, that’s a pretty potent thing, presented in a most nonchalant fashion, well done

    I’m not sure that I can pin point it, but I know I can pin point at least one encounter that was both life altering, and deeply romantic/profound

    I’d just come out of an 8 year relationship, one that should have ended some 4 years earlier sadly, but it was my first love, so I had no frame of reference… Besides, she was my friend. In turn my best friend at work had just separated from a 5 year relationship, and had asked me if I wanted to hang out on the weekend, so my roommate/band member and I met her outside our apartment, and the three of us went to see a movie… “Meet Joe Black” as it were. It is worth noting that weeks prior to the three of us hanging out, she had told me about a very upsetting fight between her guy and her, one where she basically was cornered in the bathroom and basically begging him to just kill her… It was at this point that my Honorable self who had never said anything about her not so good relationship, decided to tell her “If the two of you ever part ways… Let me know”. I’m by no means a home wrecker, but she was my best friend, and the fact that she actually wanted to die rather than go on fighting with him, edged me to voice my feelings to her. Nuff said, onto the Encounter

    So the three of us went to go see “Meet Joe Black”, and during the scene when the two main character’s were making love, I noticed my friend was breathing very quickly, so I took her hand which seemed to calm her. Speaking of honorable, this friend had never voiced at any point that she had any interest in me, I just knew that we were very close friends. I was in love with her, but that’s besides the point, lol. So after the movie the three of us drove to mine and my roommate’s apartment, where my friend had left her car. My roommate made his way upstairs, and I walked her to her car. This is where the encounter began, I gave her a hug goodnight, and she wouldn’t let go. At this point she curled her face softly into my neck, and slowly worked her way up to kissing me. Ok, maybe this is more than anyone wants to know, but I have to tell you in all seriousness, I have absolutely no idea how long the two of us were kissing. It may have been a half an hour for all I know, lol. In fact we wouldn’t have stopped if it wasn’t for my roommate who at some point cleared his throat off in the distance behind us. I looked at him and he said “Sorry to bother you guys, I forgot my keys at home tonight accidentally” Poor guy had been sitting upstairs on the stairs for who knows how long not wanting to interrupt us, lol. He was romantic too. The rest is history, which sadly was only a 3 or 4 month relationship, primarily because we had both only recently departed from long relationships, and just weren’t ready to jump into another so quickly.

    This moment has stuck with me all of my life sense, and when I recall it the feeling that crosses me is knowing what it is to be completely loved, and to love them right back.

    Nuff said again


    PS- yer a good writer, your style is very catchy, and warm/inviting

    • So beautiful. Such a touching moment indeed. I have to thank you for putting it up here for us. To know what it is to be loved and love them right back…yeah, the whole life can shrink down to that one moment. I read your comment again and again. You almost make me feel jealous that I have had no such moment. That is one life altering and profound moment everyone would want to have. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

    • I only have 1 thing to tell you darkjade68 ……………
      “WOOOOOOW !!!!!”
      I actually read the whole think thrice 🙂 … Loved it 🙂

  12. There are no guarantees in life, but I will say if you’re open to Love, the odds of you actually having it, or experiencing it at some point, whether it’s for a short time, or more, are probably better. I was 30 at the time I experienced it, and I believe you’re only 22, so keep your eyes and heart open. No guarantees, only more possibility perhaps.

    You never know when love might strike, beware, lol

    DarkLight- P.S. Thank you for the kind words

  13. hey dear how do i follow u?

  14. ok i got it…sorry…m new to this…hope to catch up sumtym soon…:)

  15. Miss reading your posts 😦

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