Blogs I’m hooked to

Instead of a blogroll, I wish to add another page where I can share some awesome blogs with you.

These are my personal favourites*, from all genres, in alphabetical order:

  • 1000 Awesome things – I religiously read this blog. The author does not know it, but his blog was an inspiration for mine.
  • 365GB – One amazing photo everyday.ย  Guaranteed.
  • Dewnestry – The writers random thoughts, our good read.
  • Diary of an angry fat woman – Trace the inspiring journey of a woman with a mission.
  • Divorced and angry – The authors way of coming to terms with his divorce and looking for Buddha
  • Dribbling Pensioner – A Pensioner’s blog. Everyone’s delight.
  • High on coffee – Beauty in words, with varied genres and tastes in each blog post.
  • Idle thoughts – A blog with touching writings and magnificent photographs.
  • Invisible Mikey – The author’s thoughts woven to form beautiful blog posts.
  • Jennifer Avventure’s adventure filesย  – Just as the name says – one awesome travel adventure blog.
  • Lafemmeroar – A single girls great lookout at the world. Super funny.
  • La Plume Noire – A photo blog with some of the most exquisite photos you have ever seen.
  • Lorna’s Voice – Real life incidences narrated in the funniest possible way.
  • Love versus Goliath – Blog about partner visa journey. It is love against the government and bureaucracy.
  • Momfog – Blog by someone who makes excellent cakes, writes book reviews and film critics.
  • Morning Wood – A blog about what a guy ‘really’ thinks. A must read.
  • One cool site – Excellent blog for all trying to improve their blogging skills.
  • Peas and cougars – A blog with comic illustrations and flow charts. Sure to leave you laughing.
  • The Midaeval Maiden –ย  Escapism through hobbies. Read to get inspired.
  • The embarrassment – Author’s dose of light hearted take on everyday happenings.
  • You have been hooked – Read on as the Hook narrates one interesting tale after the other.


*Expect periodic addition to the list as I keep coming across more awesome blogs.

  1. *hugs* Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. When I read “Super Funny” I just smiled … before this blog I never thought that I had a “funny” writing voice, then I just wrote what went through my mind and I guess my brand of insanity is funny. You have a great list here. I see many familiar names and of course some crazy chicks on this list … ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll have to visit the others …

    Thanks for sharing you awesome crazy chick.

    • Oh you are one funny girl, don’t be so modest! Lol
      The crazy chicks club has helped me come across some amazing blogs, so I owe it to you for not just your own blog.

      • I can’t believe the CCC has taken off the way it did, but I visit a lot of blogs and notice that many commenters are CCs … it’s a good feeling to know that we’ve created a little community of crazy chicks who stick together.

  3. Touching writing?! Nice to hear that my writings are actually touching ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for adding me.

  4. Thanks! I’m chuffed! I didn’t realise you had this page, I’ll have to check out the others!

    I’m also adding you to mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Though i don’t have a page like you do, I am virtually adding you to favorite list ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’m blushing!
    Its ridiculously cold here in Niagara Falls, but I’m blushing!
    Thank you.

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